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Environmental Solutions

All our solutions for Power, Lighting and Climate in temporary installations have the environment as a primary focus:

  • ISO 14001 Targets for carbon reduction
  • Most waste material is recycled
  • Local steel for lower carbon footprint
  • Products are recyclable
  • We use components with a declared carbon footprint
  • PVC free

Keeping track of power consumption on all of
your construction projects?

  • A huge amount of energy is wasted during the construction process
  • PortaCabin heating, lighting and ventilation units are very rarely switched off!
  • No technology or way to control power consumption

Energy Saving Sustainable Products 

Having played a vital part in Sweden’s impressive track record
of reducing energy consumption over many years, El-Björn temporary lighting and heating products are now available through Force 3, for the benefit of the UK Construction market.

With products such as low voltage lighting, drying and heating equipment and wide range of power distribution assemblies, this addition to our range totally compliments our current product offering. 

The concept behind each of the product ranges is simple,
it is possible to make significant environmental contributions through better product choice and working practices.

Equally valuable in the current economic climate is the opportunity to also realise substantial cost savings through reduced energy  requirements and greater management and control of power use.