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Case Studies

Photoluminesent Technology in Action

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Madrid Underground Network

Installation of complete photoluminescent safety signage
and guidance system on the Madrid Underground

Applications included:

  • Stair capping and beacons
  • Fire protection signs and beacons
  • Emergency exit indication
  • Floor and wall guidance system
  • Column and obstacle marking inside the trains
  • Evacuation guidance system in the train carriages
  • Hazard markings
  • Photoluminescent handrails


  • Works under total power failure
  • Works for up to five days (High luminescent range)
  • Enables quick and effective passenger evacuation

How Does it Work?

No batteries, bulbs or wires make an energy efficient option:

  • The primary components are natural earth mineral crystals.
  • They have a unique capacity to absorb and store energy from ambient light.
  • Energised by normal light with a long persistence.
  • In darkness, the crystals instantly begin to emit a luminous glow by releasing the stored light energy.

High Speed Tunnels

Illuminated Safety and Awareness Signs

Applications included:

  • Continuous Guidance Lines
  • Hazard Markings
  • Emergency Door Frames
  • Directional Indicators
  • Safety Equipment Markings
  • Fire Door Push Bar Markings
  • Fire Protection Signs and Beacons

  • Madrid to Malaga, Barcelona and Valladolid
  • 43km of Tunnel / 300 Emergency Exits
  • M40 Highway Tunnels Madrid
  • High Speed Train 87km Length / 31 Tunnels
    60 Emergency Exits

Adherence to luminance levels guaranteed and tested.

Three different levels of quality with varying levels of stored light.

Luminance levels without lighting
10 minutes
60 minutes Minutes of Visible
1. Dalux Regulation 117.2 mcd 13 mcd
2. Dalux Regulation Plus 293.2 mcd
37.8 mcd
3. Dalux High Luminescent
656.2 mcd
197.6 mcd