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Design - The Complete Solution

Photoluminescent technology is the new and innovative solution to ensure safe evacuation and effective guidance both in, for rescue service, and out of an area in the event of an emergency.


Although it will not fully negate the need for traditional, energy consuming and costly emergency lighting installations, it will reduce them whilst offering a maintenance free, value for money enhancement that can be specifically designed to your requirements.

In addition to its predominant use it can also be utilised as an alternative to permanent lighting solutions, highways equipment such as bollards and road signs, safety equipment such as road cones and barriers, PPE and many more applications; providing a range of solutions to a wide spectrum of industries such as rail, construction and transportation.

An effective Safety Way Guidance System is one that clearly identifies exit routes, reduces confusion and panic and ensures a prompt and safe exit. Our experienced and dedicated designers are on hand to provide functional and aesthetic solutions that can be the difference between life and death when every second counts.

With over thirty years of experience producing quality luminescent products across the globe, we can offer an unrivalled service dedicated to your unique requirements.

Lumin8 and it's partners can offer the complete turnkey solution:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Supply
  • Installation

Mandatory signs such as safety, fire safety, hazard and warning signs are fundamental to the safety of building users and visitors. They should be located at strategic points and include prohibition, warning, fire action, mandatory and escape signage elements.

What isn’t taken into consideration is how are these signs fully visible in the event of a power failure or a fire where smoke will rise to the areas where traditional emergency lighting is installed. Our innovative solutions require no batteries or power so are unaffected by power failures, and are designed to offer low level guidance visible in smoky conditions.


Photoluminescent technology is not a replacement to ‘standby lighting’ that allows normal activities to continue if the main lighting fails for any reason; however it can be incorporated into this functionality to enhance its performance and transform it into a dual purpose solution.

Our aim is provide professional and innovative design solutions that comply with BS and EC regulations, whilst delivering our core values of efficiency, performance and quality.

Lumin8 and the Supply UK Group are committed to minimising the use of energy, CO2 emissions and waste. Our photoluminescent products have no energy consumption, require no maintenance and offer a long-life solution, and are the perfect complement to our other low-energy products offered via our Force 3 division.

How Does it Work?

No batteries, bulbs or wires make an energy efficient option:

  • The primary components are natural earth mineral crystals.
  • They have a unique capacity to absorb and store energy from ambient light.
  • Energised by normal light with a long persistence.
  • In darkness, the crystals instantly begin to emit a luminous glow by releasing the stored light energy.

Sample Design - Tunnels

Design and installation of the SWGS (Safety Way Guidance System)
of several tunnels across Spain (M-30, Garraf, Manuel Enova, Les Coves, Cerceda).
HIGH-SPEED train tunnels such as Guadarrama, San Pedro, Álora, Cártama and Málaga.



  • Continuous guidance lines.
  • Hazard markings.
  • Emergency door frames.
  • Directional indicators.
  • Safety equipment marking.

Signage - Design and Regulations

Emergency lighting legislation lays down specific requirements for the design and performance of exit signage.

All our emergency exit signs are designed to comply with these regulations.

Technical Design Requirements

  • Mounting Height: Exit signs should be mounted
    at a minimum height of 2 metres above the floor.
  • Colour Luminance: Minimum safety colour luminance must be 2cd/m2

Style of Legend

There are two designs  of exit sign that comply with the legislation.

1) Pictogram from the European Safety Sign Directive.

2) Conforms to  ISO 6309 (EN 5499, part 1)

Note: Although both forms of legend are in use,
only one style should be deployed in any one building.

Viewing Distance

Exit signs must be placed at any change in direction
to indicate the route to the final exit door.

The viewing distance is the distance from which
the sign can be read and understood.

The viewing distance of an exit sign is dependent on two factors:

  1. Whether the sign is lit internally or externally.
  2. The height of the legend (the green exit sign).

Viewing distance is calculated using the following formula:

  • Internally lit
    Viewing distance (d) = Height of legend (h) x 200
  • Externally lit
    Viewing distance (d) = Height of legend (h) x 100
    Externally lit signs must be fully lit whenever people are in the building.

Positioning - Regulations

The illustrations below show exactly
where you must locate emergency lighting and signage.


Emergency luminaires have to be carefully positioned
to ensure a compliant emergency lighting scheme.

Three steps to an effective emergency lighting scheme:

  • Step 1 - Exit Signage
    Signage must be placed to provide a clear and unambiguously marked route to the final exit.
  • Step 2 - Mandatory Points
    Emergency fittings must be installed at certain mandatory points to provide essential light.
    As shown in the diagram above, these points include changes of level, intersections of corridors, fire-fighting equipment and first aid posts.
  • Step 3 - Infill Lighting
    In addition to the lighting of mandatory points, infill luminaires may be required to achieve the correct emergency lighting levels.