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TVS Super Heater 18kW

Electric Heaters TVS Super Heater 18kW.

Heats around 320 Sq m (or 3200 square meters for 10 units).

Can heat between 320 and 350 square meters if it is used in an open area.

Replaces approximately 5 typical 9kW site fans.

With a TVS 18kW you spread the air in a new and much more efficient way. The twin 16amp electric power feeds enables site operatives to remove one cable during the day when you need less power to the unit.
(Note: For the UK market a single 32amp supply option can be provided).

During the evening you add the second cable to raise the temperature for cold night use.

Instead of using five typical 9kW site fans and five cables, you can use TVS 18kW and two cables. 5x15A is 75A. With TVS 18kW you use a max of 28A.

The means that the saved 47A can be used elsewhere to power other units on site.