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Asset Plus - The new way to add+ to your business

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What is Asset Plus?

We have identified an increasing need to assist companies with managing, decreasing and controlling spend on their asset base by offering experienced personnel and ground breaking, easy to use software.

Core target sectors that directly benefit from Asset Management, range from the Oil & Gas industry, Insurance, Financial Service, Banking, Construction, Warehousing & Distribution, Water Utility industry, Power Generation & Retail.

Asset Plus is a business that was created specifically to deal with the asset management needs of specific high value clients.

What does it do?

Software; Interfaces with COINS, SAP and most other commercial packages widely available, for a complete EDI interface. Our operating system will maintain and deliver the items with complete EDI transaction efficacy, from order placement to payment.

Asset ownership has many advantages, not least of which are the cost efficiencies, reduction in down time due to not waiting for availability, correct kit for the application, but asset ownership comes with it’s own problems;
you need resources to manage, track, control, maintain, deliver items.

Asset Plus can take care of all these elements and remove the obstacles to ownership on a service fee basis.

This allows a business to enjoy the full benefits of asset ownership, with none of the downsides.
Asset Plus can store, deliver, maintain and monitor third party assets.

Who can benefit from Asset Plus?

Any business that currently owns a large volume of fixed and/or mobile assets but doesn’t derive maximum value from them,
either because of lack of control, doesn’t currently track and monitor useage or has lost track of current location
would benefit from the services of Asset +.

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0845 120 3234

Email: info@assettplus.co.uk