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Hire Direct - One call does it all!

A premium service for our customers offering a single point of contact for customers constantly on the go!

One phone call to Hire Direct to your personal hire controller gives you access to the resources of over 130 Network locations Nationwide simply and quickly.

We can source anything from a cordless drill to a forklift truck wherever you are working throughout the U.K. saving you time and money leaving you to get on with your job safe in the knowledge that we will deliver. We are now able to fast deliver many sales and consumable items directly to your door also, so why not give us a call today.

Why not call hire direct today and put yourself in
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Plant Reporting & Control

At Supply UK we have invested a great deal of resources in the quality in the quality of management information we are able to provide our customers. Recognising that keeping control of hired tools and equipment on the site can drastically reduce both costs and disputes, the development of 'real time' live hire reporting was considered critical.

The example here shows a typical report that is available to any customer at a moment's notice, simply ask your local depot for yours whether by site or company as a whole and it will be sent, faxed or e-mailed to you directly within seconds!

Remember, unlike many of our competitors there is no lag in the accuracy of information being provided, the report you receive will literally be up to the second that you requested it.

Invoicing To Your Terms!

At Supply UK we adopt the same attitude towards invoicing as we do to other areas of our business - flexibility.

Recognising that our customers differ enormously between financial years' and accounting practices generally, we look to make our invoicing as flexible and adaptable as possible to best fit in with the needs of you our customer!

With this in mind we offer our customers a complete choice in the way they are invoiced that best fits their specific systems.
Essentially it is up to you the customer to decide how many invoices you receive and how & when you receive them!

Standard: Monthly invoice per individual transaction
Consolidated: One monthly invoice for all transactions
Site Consolidated: Monthly invoice per individual site
Order Consolidated: Monthly invoice per order number
Weekly Consolidated: Weekly invoice for all transactions
Weekly Site Consolidated: Weekly invoice per site
Separated Sales: Sales items invoiced separately to hire
Electronic: Invoices e-mailed directly to you

If you would like to discuss the ways in which Supply UK can help with the administration of your invoices please get in touch with us now. We already have many hundreds of customers enjoying the benefits of less paperwork and hassle which in turn is saving them pounds. Make sure you're next!